The Michigan Guidelines on the International Protection of Refugees

Univ. of Michigan_seal_200 Since 1999, Michigan Law’s Program in Refugee and Asylum Law has hosted colloquia on Challenges in International Refugee Law. The purpose of each Colloquium is to tackle one difficult issue, and the result is a set of unanimously-agreed Michigan Guidelines. The Guidelines are frequently cited by courts around the world, and help the way that judges, lawyers, and other decision-makers look at a refugee issue. (More information) The Colloquium has met eight times since 1999; the Eighth Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law convened March 31-April 2, 2017, and looked at the right of refugees to freedom of movement. Participants included Marjoleine Zieck (Amsterdam Law School); Susan Glazebrook (Justice, Supreme Court of New Zealand); Yunsong (Bill) Huang (Sichuan University); Sarah Joseph (Monash University); Satvinder Juss (King’s College London); and Nora Markard (Hamburg University).  

The Michigan Guidelines on:

Freedom of Movement (2017)

Risk for Reasons of Political Opinion (2015)

The Exclusion of International Criminals (2013)

The Right to Work (2009)

Protection Elsewhere (2007)

Well-Founded Fear (2005)

Nexus to a Convention Ground (2001)

The Internal Protection Alternative (1999)