The Michigan Journal of International Law (MJIL) is among the world’s preeminent international law journals. Established at the University of Michigan Law School, MJIL draws on the Law School’s world-renowned faculty, curriculum, and library in international legal studies to present cutting-edge articles and book reviews from leading scholars and practitioners in international law.

MJIL launched its blog in 2012. This thriving student blog and has focused attention, over the past decade, on fostering talent and passion for international law among law students and emerging legal scholars. Since 2017, MJIL has also been publishing short-format digital articles by influential international law scholars, under the banner OpinioJuris.

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Volume 45 Masthead

Matt Azzopardi

Managing Editor
Andrea E. Lofquist

Managing Articles Editor
 Grace Bruce

Articles Editors
 Jessica Carter
Brooke Isabel
Alexander Nye

Business and Development Editor
 Zach L. Fischer

Managing Executive Editor
 Benjamin Lehman

Executive Editor
Zachary Antin

Contributing Editors
Colleen Anderson
 M. Andrés Cruz
 Martin Andrew Greene
 Brenna Keane
 Gaudencio Lucca
Auston J. Marineau
Matthew Schaefer
Jordane Schooley
Muhui Shi
Louis Steinkuehler

Managing Notes Editor
Marcie Rotblatt

Notes Editors
Kelly Grugan
Javier Piñeiro

Managing Online Editor
Jennifer Peterson-Sharma

Online Editor
Matthew J. Twargoski