William Warner Bishop, Jr.:Remembering a Gentle Giant

The name William Warner Bishop, Jr. came into my vocabulary when I was a student at the Indiana University Law School in Bloomington in the early 1960s. There I enrolled in a course styled simply, “International Law,” in which we used the course book entitled INTERNATIONAL LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS by Professor Bishop. The man Bill Bishop entered my life the Summer of 1965 in The Hague, Netherlands, at the Academie du Droit International where I was enrolled as a student. Among the several other courses which I had elected, the “General Course of Public International Law” given by William W. Bishop, Jr. was the one in which I was especially interested. 2 Now, I thought, I would finally be able to meet and thank this giant in international law from whom I had gained so much when I was a student using his casebook.