Egyptian Civil Justice Process Modernization: A Functional and Systemic Approach

To provide helpful assistance to other nations currently in pursuit of civil process reform, this Article introduces a model of civil justice modernization developed through a functional and systemic approach. Addressing the common weaknesses of many other reform efforts, this approach is first motivated by the conviction that process modernization is a necessary component of effective substantive legal reform. Second, in its critical assessment of the problems and its creative recommendations for reform, this Article integrates the design of procedural, institutional, and professional development measures, without requiring large investments of unavailable financial resources. Third, the Article presents a long-term and rigorous collaborative study that drew on a comparison of Egyptian and U.S. law, as well as other foreign legal experience. The study candidly assesses the major causes of backlog and delay in Egypt and creatively designs a set of cost-effective recommendations for immediate implementation. Finally, the dialogue that produced final recommendations benefited from the expertise and informed judgment of both public and private sector experts.