A Memorial for Bosnia: Framework of Legal Arguments Concerning the Lawfulness of the Maintenance of the United Nations Security Council’s Arms Embargo on Bosnia and Herzegovina

This Memorial seeks to present a framework of legal arguments with respect to the validity and legal effects of an arms embargo imposed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 713 in September 1991 on the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia), before its dissolution, and since treated as being in force with respect to the new states that have succeeded Yugoslavia. More particularly, the Memorial addresses the legality of maintaining (or, at least, having maintained during the crucial time period) the arms embargo in force, either de jure or de facto, against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia) in light of evidence that the arms embargo’s maintenance vis-A-vis Bosnia has contributed to the inability of the Government of Bosnia to prevent the perpetration on Bosnia’s territory of acts of genocide by Bosnian Serb forces as well as combined acts of genocide and aggression by the neighboring state of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbia).