European Integration Through Law

 European Integration Through Law: Judicial Review of the Eurozone Crisis in European National, Regional and Supranational Courts


The symposium explores the legal response to the European financial crisis, and the judicial review of those measures. Our authors come from different countries and backgrounds but have come together to discuss modern issues in European law. The Symposium considers themes raised in judicial review of the anti-crisis measures at the national, regional and supranational level. We have provided a more detailed foreword below, as well as a link to a profile of the project’s convenors, posted on the University of Michigan Law School’s homepage. We recommend reading the foreword, perusing the articles, and adding any comments below. We hope you enjoy this new format.


  • Advocate General Juliane Kokott, Speech, Perspectives on the Role of the Advocate General in the Eurozone Rescue Decision: Advocate General Kokott on Pringle v. Ireland [Delivered March 6, 2013] // English | German
  • Elaine Fahey & Samo Bardutzky, Judicial Review of Eurozone Law: The Adjudication of Postnational Norms in the EU Courts, Plural – A Case Study of the European Stability Mechanism // PDF
  • Giuseppe Martinico, The Impact of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance on the National Constitutional Structure: The Regional Example // PDF
  • Elvira Mendez-Pinedo, The Icesave Saga: Iceland Wins Battle Before the EFTA Court // PDF
  • Martinho Lucas Pires, Private Versus Public or State Versus Europe? A Portuguese Constitutional Tale // PDF


The convenors express thanks to Daniel Halberstam for his support, assistance, and inspiration throughout the execution of the symposium. We also wish to extend special thanks to Advocate General Juliane Kokott for her participation. The journal also thanks Elaine Fahey, Samo Bardutzky, Katie Martin-Browne, and Jory Hoffman for their help and enthusiasm in bringing this group of authors together.