Online Scholarship

The University of Michigan Law School is amongst the world’s leading institutions for the study of International Law and the Michigan Journal of International Law (MJIL), a student-run publication, ranks amongst the best journals in the field.

In 2013, to celebrate the talent of our associate editors, and as an experiment in online publication, MJIL established a student blog. For the past four years, this forum has produced high-quality online content for tens of thousands of readers, giving hundreds of students the opportunity to showcase and develop their short-form writing skills on an exceptional global platform. As a journal run out of one of America’s top public research institutions, this student-centered mission has been an important part of our peer-to-peer learning. It remains the engine of our digital work–providing a continuous stream of fresh and engaging reflections on international law throughout the academic year to law students and general audiences in the United States and across the world.

In 2017, we continue to shape our commitment to developing our digital presence. Recognizing the increasing value of digital conversations in international law–particularly the value of the many prominent blogs on international law topics–this academic year, we seek to expand our online presence, as we continue to enhance our aims of providing quality online inputs for scholars, practitioners, and students alike. In the first half of 2017, we redesigned our website and began to solicit and accept pieces by our most accomplished L.L.M. students. This semester, we look forward to expanding the form of our content through short-form book reviews and interviews with leading practitioners.

We are working closely with our board and other interested parties to develop a vision for our online presence–taking into account the fullest potential that the digital space offers for serious academic discourse in international law. We are currently working on outlining a formal submissions process for non-law school collaborators. For any questions, comments, or potential submissions please get in touch using the comment form below.