Volume 37:4


Laurence R. Helfer and Ingrid B. Wuerth  
Customary International Law: An Instrument Choice Perspective // pdf // repository

Catherine Renshaw
Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Uncovering the Dynamics of State Commitment and Compliance // pdf // repository

Shana Tabak
Ambivalent Enforcement: International Humanitarian Law at Human Rights Tribunals // pdf // repository


C. Elizabeth Bundy
Rescuing Policy and Terror Victims: A Concerted Approach to the Ransom Dilemma // pdf // repository

Volume 37:3


Tiyanjana Maluwa
Oil Under Troubled Waters?: Some Legal Aspects of the Boundary Dispute Between Malawi and Tanzania Over Lake Malawi // pdf // repository

Patrick J. Keenan
The Problem of Purpose in International Criminal Law // pdf // repository

Aravind Ganesh
The European Union’s Human Rights Obligations Towards Distant Strangers // pdf // repository


Karima Tawfik
To Touch and Concern the United States with Sufficient Force: How American Due Process and Choice of Law Cases Inform the Reach of the Alien Tort Statute After Kiobel // pdf // repository



Volume 37:2


James C. Hathaway
Special Feature Seventh Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law // pdf // repository

James C. Hathaway 
The Michigan Guidelines on Risk for Reasons of Political Opinion // pdf // repository

Catherine Dauvergne
Toward a New Framework for Understanding Political Opinion // pdf // repository


Sharon Bassan
Shared Responsibility Regulation Model for Cross-Border Reproductive Transactions // pdf // repository

Volume 37:1


S.I. Strong
Reasoned Awards in International Commercial Arbitration: Embracing and Exceeding the Common Law-Civil Law Dichotomy// pdf // repository

Charles W. Mooney, Jr. 
A Framework for a Formal Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism: The Kiss Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and Other Guiding Principles // pdf // repository

Odysseas G. Repousis
On Territoriality and International Investment Law: Applying China’s Investment Treaties to Hong Kong and Macao // pdf // repository


Jesse W. Stricklan
Testing Constitutional Pluralism in Strasbourg: Responding to Russia’s “Gay Propaganda” Law // pdf // repository