Volume 36:4


Rochelle Dreyfuss and Susy Frankel
From Incentive to Commodity to Asset: How International Law is Reconceptualizing Intellectual Property // pdf // repository

Carlo Garbarino and Giulio Allevato
The Global Architecture of Financial Regulatory Taxes // pdf // repository


David J. Stute
Privacy Almighty? The CJEU’s Judgment in Google Spain SL v. AEPD // pdf // repository

Volume 36:3


Steven R. Ratner
After Atrocity: Optimizing UN Action Toward Accountability for Human Rights Abuses // pdf


Annecoos Wiersema
Uncertainty, Precaution, and Adaptive Management in Wildlife Trade // pdf

Kevin Kolben
Dialogic Labor Regulation in the Global Supply Chain // pdf

Laurie R. Blank & Benjamin R. Farley
Identifying The Start of Conflict: Conflict Recognition, Operational Realities and Accountability in the Post-9/11 World // pdf

Volume 36:2


Nancy Amoury Combs
“From Presecutorial To Reparatory: A Valuable Post-Conflict Change Of Focus” // pdf

Richard Ashby Wilson
“Inciting Genocide With Words” // pdf


Ezekiel Rediker
“The Incitement Of Terrorism On The Internet: Legal Standards, Enforcement, And The Role Of The European Union” // pdf


Brian Libgober
“Can The EU Be A Constitutional System Without Universal Access To Judicial Review?” // pdf

Volume 36:1


J. Clifton Fleming, Jr., Robert J. Peroni & Stephen E. Shay
“Formulary Apportionment in the US International Tax System: Putting Lipstick on a Pig?” // pdf

Matthew C. Turk
“Reframing International Financial Regulation After the Global Financial Crisis: Rational States and Interdependence, Not Regulatory Networks and Soft Law” // pdf

Vassilis P. Tzevelekos
“Reconstructing the Effective Control Criterion in Extraterritorial Human Rights Breaches: Direct Attribution of Wrongfulness, Due Diligence, and Concurrent Responsibility” // pdf


Pauline Hilmy
“The International Human Rights Regime and Supranational Regional Organizations: The Challenge of the EU”// pdf