Volume 34:4

Michigan Guidelines on the Exclusion of International Criminals // English | French

Yossi Dahan, Hanna Lerner, & Faina Milman-Sivan
Shared Responsibility and the International Labour Organization // pdf

Keith A. Petty
Humanity and National Security: The Law of Mass Atrocity Response Operations // pdf

Jesse Medlong (Student Note)
All Other Breaches: State Practice and the Geneva Conventions’ Nebulous Class of Less Discussed Prohibitions // pdf

Anonymous (Student Note)
A Dual Track Approach to Challenge Chinese Censorship in the WTO: The (Future) Case of Google and Facebook // pdf

Volume 34:3

Scott P. Sheeran

Under International Human Rights Law: Theory, Legal Doctrine, and Politics

Mark A. Drumbl

“She Makes Me Ashamed to be a Woman”: The Genocide Conviction of Pauline Nyiramasuhko, 2011

Laura Pedraza-Fariña

Conceptions of Civil Society in International Lawmaking and Implementation: A Theoretical Framework

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Volume 34:2

Harlan Grant Cohen
International Law’s Erie Moment // pdf

Karen N. Scott
International Law in the Anthropocene: Responding to the Geoengineering Challenge  // pdf

André Nollkaemper & Dov Jacobs
Shared Responsibility in International Law: A Conceptual Framework // pdf

Alexandra Link (Student Note)
Trying Terrorism: Joint Criminal Enterprise, Material Support, and the Paradox of International Criminal Law // pdf

Volume 34:1

Omar M. Dajani
Contractualism in the Law of Treaties // pdf

Anna T. Katselas
Do Investment Treaties Prescribe a Deferential Standard of Review? A Comparative analysis of the U.S. Administrative Procedure Act’s Arbitrary and Capricious Standard of Review and the Fair and Equitable Treatment and Arbitrary or Discriminatory Measures Treaty Standards // pdf 

Wentong Zheng
Reforming Trade Remedies // pdf

Stephen Rooke (Student Note)
SATMED: Legal Aspects of the Physical Layer of Satellite Telemedicine // pdf