Volume 32:4

Patricia L. Judd
Toward a TRIPS Truce // pdf

Peter G. Danchin
Islam in the Secular Nomos of the European Court of Human Rights // pdf

John Quigley
Palestine is a State: A Horse with Black and White Stripes is a Zebra // pdf

Jonah Eaton (Student Note)
Emerging Norm – Determining the Meaning and Legal Status of the Responsibility to Protect // pdf

Volume 32:3

Charles Chernor Jalloh
Special Court for Sierra Leone: Achieving Justice // pdf

Daniel R. Cahoy
Breaking Patents // pdf

Eran Sthoeger
International Child Abduction and Children’s Rights: Two Means to the Same End // pdf

Eric Stein
War, Politics, Law – And Love: Italy 1943-1946 (Special Feature) // pdf

Alan J. Alexander (Student Note)
Shifting Title and Risk: Islamic Project Finance with Western Partners // pdf


Volume 32:2

James A. Green
Questioning the Peremptory Status of the Prohibition on the Use of Force // pdf

Cyra Akila Choudhury
Exporting Subjects: Globalizing Family Law Progress through International Human Rights // pdf

Efraim Chalamish (Book Review)
Review of Do Treaties Matter? On Effectiveness and International Economic Law by Lisa Sachs & Karl Sauvant, eds. // pdf

Pier DeRoo (Student Note)
Public Non-Commercial Use Compulsory Licensing for Pharmaceutical Drugs in Government Health Care Programs // pdf


Volume 32:1

Jaya Ramji-Nogales
Designing Bespoke Transitional Justice: A Pluralist Process Approach // pdf

Daniel Benoliel & Ronen Perry
Israel, Palestine, and the ICC // pdf

Paul D. Carrington
Enforcing International Corrupt Practices Law: Essay // pdf

Katherine A. Wagner
Identifying and Enforcing Back-End Electoral Rights in International Human Rights Law (Student Note) // pdf